The Journey

The Whisper Before the Call

The gut feeling.  The nudge.  The curiosity.  The stirring in your soul that makes you just a tad fearful about what’s in store.  It’s persistent and unrelenting.  You daydream about it, and try to push it away, but you can’t hide.  It’s a whisper that urges you to step out in faith, and trust God with something new.

I will forever remember the first time I heard that gentle whisper.   I was at a conference, and one of the speakers was sharing her story of adoption.  She and her husband had 4 boys biologically, and proceeded to adopt 2 girls and a little boy from Ethiopia!  In listening to her story, I felt a stirring so deep in my soul, unlike anything else I had ever felt.  There began what I now refer to as, “The Pursual”.  The whispers were constant, and so were the voices of doubt.  The funny thing is, that I had always thought about adoption, but now that I had a stirring in my heart, and 3 children of my own, I found myself scared to death of the reality of our situation.  Well, we all know who won that battle 😉  That season of life is my most vivid reminder that when God says it’s time, we can either run and hide, or lean in with obedience. img_5897

So how are we to know if the whisper is truly the voice of God, or just our flesh trying to please the ways of the world?   A couple of months ago, a tiny seed that was planted about 10 years ago, started to grow into a whisper that was heard in many different arenas of my life. Due to the influence of social media and other sources, I realized that I needed to spend more time with the source of the whisper, and tune out the shouts of the world.  I was careful with what I was reading and watching.  I took long walks while listening to my Jesus music, and was intentional about sitting in quiet.  This is when I realized that if it truly is a divine assignment, it won’t go away, it will just grow.  God is persistent.  He uses many tools to hunt you down until you recognize His voice.  I found the whispers in devotions, sermons, conversations with Godly friends, and Christian music.

When I started clearing away the clutter that kept me from obedience, I recognized that the conflicting voice I was hearing belonged to Satan.   Simply put, if we want to know if the the whisper is the beginning of a call, we need to drown out the shouts of the world with the voice of Jesus.  By abiding in Jesus, we learn to hear His voice above all others, recognize His whisper above the lies, and crave His wisdom instead of our own.img_5898-1

So now what?  You know what to do sweet friend…lean into to the whisper, listen for the next direction, and step forward in obedience. Hugs, Alana



5 thoughts on “The Whisper Before the Call

  1. Beautifully written My friend. Very inspiring. I have grown to realize that when I am following God’s call there is always a voice of opposition. A Godly friend once told me “You must be doing something right if the voices you are hearing (Satan) are telling you, you are not good enough, smart enough, qualified enough to do this”. Good advice

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