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Eve, Put Down the Apple

img_0492We are all friends here right?  We can share our thoughts and ideas and not face judgment or ridicule?  Ok good, because what is coming might ruffle some feathers.  Perfectly Backwards is a personal space that I come to dump my thoughts in hopes that maybe someone out there can relate, and then we can journey together.  This specific journey is one that has me searching for the woman God created me to be, not the one the world has shaped me into.  I’m diving into scripture begging to find direction in the words of God.  Searching out divine instruction for who Alana is, and was created to be.

In this search I found myself parked in Genesis, wrestling with the age old conflict of  “Help Meet”.  God says it plain as day in Genesis 2:18. “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make a help meet for him.”  In this passage, I unearthed a very clear instruction that left no wiggle room to ask “Did God really say HELP MEET?”  Yeah, He did.  But here in lies the tricky part for me, I have no doubt that I was created to be a helper to my husband, but I am SO MUCH MORE!!! I am creative, I am driven, and I have a brain like a freight train, that if not put to good use, will derail into massive destruction.  Anyone else?img_0494

Moving on to Genesis 3, we find Eve trying to answer the crafty serpents question of “Did God really say?”  Here is where it got me friends… the realization that original sin looks the same now as it did then.  “When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it.” Genesis 3:6 

This stopped me in my tracks.  Not the part about seeing that the beautiful fruit was good for food, but that she craved WISDOM!!!  What have we women been doing since the beginning of time? Trying to prove to ourselves that we are capable of more than just helping!!  We want wisdom, power and leadership!!  We want to be super moms, but we also want to climb the corporate ladder!  We want to show men that whatever they can do, we can do better!  We see it from the first bite of the apple… we want it all!  We don’t want to believe that God really said “Help Meet”.  But he did.img_0493

Perfectly Backwards is my journey back to Jesus after realizing that the world’s ways left me feeling exhausted, empty, and unfulfilled.  I regrettably lived the first decade of my marriage in a very self-serving way.  It wasn’t until Josh and I had to battle together during several hard seasons that I discovered why God gave me a spirit of creativity and passion along with a brain like a freight train.  It fit perfectly with Josh’s quiet, calm, rock solid nature.  Together, as one flesh,  we are able to accomplish the callings God has placed on our lives.  God did not create me to do Josh’s work for him, or better than him, or to tell him how to do it better.  He created me to do, and be, what Josh isn’t.  His other half of a whole. One Flesh.img_0495

Ladies, we have to stop thinking that being the helper means we are weaker, and less powerful.  We have to stop telling ourselves and each other that in order to have value, we must do and be ALL THE THINGS!!!  Put down the apple sweet girl, and remember, God created you with special purpose.  And His ways may seem backwards to the world, but they are perfectly backwards.

2 thoughts on “Eve, Put Down the Apple

  1. “Help Meet” God does work in interesting ways. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being brave and a role model to all.


    1. Oh gosh, thank you! One of my biggest struggles is helping people understand that I don’t write from a position of authority but rather write from a place of necessity! One of my favorite quotes that rings so true for me is “most writers write the book that they desperately need“.


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