Our Backwards Decision To Homeschool

image1 (1)Our most “backwards” decision to date by far, was the choice to home-school 2 of our kids.  I have always been the mom that thought it was a great concept, but never thought I had the wiring to make a good home-school mom.  Not patient enough, smart enough, and let’s be honest…too selfish.  I enjoyed the time when the kids were at school, and that first 5 minutes of peace and quiet after they left in the morning…Ahhhh…I do miss that.  But what I don’t miss is the stress and anxiety over one of them not being able to read and write at an acceptable level, or the other one skating by because he was so “cute”, but yet is so distracted and unfocused at school that he slacked on his schoolwork. I don’t miss wondering about their safety when yet another school shooting is reported.  I don’t wonder what they are being exposed to in a 5th and 6th grade classroom full of kids with instant access to cell phones, and all of what that entails.  I have peace knowing that we are taking an opportunity to firm up their foundation, allow them to be confident in who God made them to be, as well as laser focus on the areas of weakness that each of them have.  It has been such a blessing to have them home! There are so many layers to this journey that I found best told in a video, so check it out!  Of coarse, I LOVE questions, so feel free to ask away!   Alana

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