Grace Fills the Gaps

Have you ever found yourself looking at your kids, wondering how they have managed to become such lovely people?  I’m not talking about simply growing up … I’m talking straight up, how on EARTH have they turned out not just normal…but lovely.  Kind.  Compassionate.  img_3379Loving.  Sure, they have equally not so lovely sides as well,  but overall…they’re becoming productive citizens of society who love Jesus!  Whoop Whoop!! The other day, I was having coffee with a friend who has children the same age as my teens. This particular friend is one of those people I have no doubt God placed in my life to push me and challenge me in my faith. LOVE that about her!  Long story short, we had a conversation concerning our teens in which ended with me asking, “Aren’t you so proud of the choices you’ve made for your family? Look what great kids you’ve raised!”  She replied that she was not proud at all, and that all of the glory belonged to God.   Her reply kept me spinning for several days as I processed my own answer to that very question.  “Do I give God all the glory, or just most of it?”  That was the key for me, it wasn’t that I wasn’t giving God the glory, but rather I had reserved a bit for myself.  This started a reflection on the last 18 years of my life as a mom that brought back memories of a raging temper, depression, being stretched too thin, financial issues, etc… etc…  Although these memories were not the majority, they were most definitely gaps, or rather GAPING HOLES in my parenting.  img_2619There were seasons that I look back on where we were barely keeping our heads above water, but yet look at these kids!!!  They have encountered events in their lives that have threatened to swallow them up, but look at them!!!  GRACE.  That’s why.  Not my choices, not theirs, just undeserved GRACE.   God’s grace has filled the gaps of our imperfect parenting.  I don’t deserve them.  I don’t deserve the snuggles, or their “I love you’s”, or their silly smiles.  But I get to enjoy them every day knowing that my gaps are filled.  Thank you sweet friend for this reminder, and yes God gets ALL of the glory!


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