The Journey

Bold Obedience

The word “backwards” begs you to think in a linear way, and often times has a negative connotation attached to it.  But when living a life centered on Jesus, it’s not backwards at all.  It’s peaceful and satisfying.  Although being obedient to a calling in your life may not be easy, and in fact may be very difficult, when it’s truly a holy calling on your life, it’s peaceful.   Whether it’s an ache in your soul to be home raising your children, a constant whisper to go after that new job, or a nudge to make some hard changes in your marriage, when you take a step in obedience you find a peace among the trembling. But why do we tremble in the first place?  I have found that generally when I tremble, it’s because I feel as though I won’t meet an expectation, or it’s unpopular by the world’s standards.  To narrow it down…FEAR is why I tremble.  But that’s why living a Perfectly Backwards life entails humility in prayer, and BOLD obedience!  Humbling ourselves enough to pray for Gods will in our life, knowing that His way may not look like the worlds standard of success.  Being bold in obedience means DOING IT, knowing you’ll look different, and that His way is always better than ours.  And honestly, after journeying “backwards” for a while now, I love that!  I love when people take notice of changes in our lives and ask about them.  That means they see something… and my prayer is that what they are seeing, is light.

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