The Journey

Clearing the Clutter

Below is journal entry written in May of 2016, amidst a season of life that was suffocating.  I look back now to see that it was the beginning of a journey…

Obedience. This has been my theme for a while now, but here is what I don’t understand. Obedience is always followed by blessings, it feels good and right, and almost always is simpler than I thought. So then why do I struggle in this area? Clutter. That’s why. I have cluttered my life so full of schedules, people pleasing, and financial demands that I don’t slow down to listen for directions; I just go about my way…according to my plans. Dear God...I fail to hear His whispers. The little voice in my soul that suggests bringing dinner to a neighbor, hugging a child for a few minutes longer, or maybe writing a thoughtful note to my mother-in-law.  I dismiss these things until a later time, only to forget them completely. When I think of the life I’m trying to live, I want desperately to clear away the clutter so that I can listen intently each moment of my day for directions from Jesus. Whether tiny whispers or obvious direction, I want to hear it. I want to act with a “Here I am, send me”. I want to live a life free from debt that drives us to work harder, longer hours, only to repeat the cycle once again. I want to fill my schedule with meaningful things that are pleasing to the Lord, things that have an eternal impact. I want to live a life where others can see Jesus through me. So therefor, the clutter must go.

This blog is exactly that…a journey.  I would love if you joined me…

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