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Perfectly Backwards?

img_3360The vision of Perfectly Backwards is building a community of women like me, who find themselves exhausted by the never ending pressures of this world.  We hear whispers deep in our souls that dare us to turn around, and run back to Jesus.  We crave His ways knowing they’re better than ours.  We humbly pray for guidance and boldly act in obedience.  Running backwards, we find purpose, rest, and grace. Although it looks backwards to those who are spectators, we know, it’s Perfectly Backwards.  “Perfectly Backwards”, is an ongoing question in search of trial and error answers.  Answers that resonate with the souls of some, and bounce off of others.  Answers that are Holy Spirit lead, and God breathed.  This is why living a backwards life can look so different for each of us.  We were created by a God that saw us as unique and beautiful, therefor my backwards won’t look like yours.  It’s about getting back to the woman God created each of us be, knowing that He is reaching out his hand to lead the way.  It’s scary at times, may feel impossible, but when He calls you, and your answer is obedience…BUCKLE UP!

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